BIM academy is a reviewer at RAE2016

We are happy to announce that one of the CEO’s and Founders of BIM Academy, Dr. Ignasi Pérez Arnal, will be a member or the Scientific Committee for the International Conference entitled: “Rethinking Architectural Education:  Towards a Better Practice”. This conference is organized by RAE2016, the first International Conference on Architectural Education that will take place on Beirut between de 9th and 11th of March 2016.


The aim

The aim of RAE2016 is to discuss and exchange experiences on educational innovation in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in architecture and urbanism. The conference seeks to instill in graduates the necessary skills and knowledges for working and improving their practice.

The theme is based on the debate between two important environments: the academic and the professional. The link between learning methodologies and the consolidation of knowledge of the discipline that students develop throughout their studies must be contrasted with:

  • the professional practice of architects
  • the job market and
  • the socio-economic context in which our society is involved.

So we will discuss the educational methodologies and its effectiveness in order to ensure an adequate traineeship which will allow the future architect to adequately address the challenges posed by society. Can check the schedule for further details.


Towards a better practice

Dr. Pérez Arnal teaches BIM to different degrees: technical architects, civil engineers, construction professionals and recently also has created a specific course for managers and executives. So Arnal taught one of the speakers of RAE, Marwan Halabi, an assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architectural Engineering at Beirut Arab University.

And Ignasi says about him: “It is a pleasure to a good teacher see how a good alumnus overcomes him. Marwan Halabi came to collaborate on many of our projects when he was one of the few people who knew how to parameterize a territory and how to make visualizations of spaces with Rhino and Grasshopper.- and Arnal adds: Now the pleasure is ours to be one of the reviewers of RAE2016″.

WITS Institute and BIM Academy will take the chance to be present and help work this possible marriage on that event that will discuss one of the most important themes of architectural culture: how this art/science/technology should be taught in order to be learned in the best possible way.

It is about gathering a bond that has been unleashed for a long time: the union between Academia and Profession.




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