The CAATEEB and BIM Academy® (powered by WITS Institute) announce the first European Summit on Building Information Modeling (BIM) to be held in Barcelona in February 2015

In January 2014, the European Parliament voted to modernize public tendering and procurement rules, recommending the use of electronic tools like BIM for projects and open design contests. This recommendation comes to mean a boost for the construction industry as a whole: since the use of these new tools preparing projects, that means a new way to manage and monitor the construction process and throughout the useful life of the buildings.

What is BIM? Under these acronyms system called the Building Information Modeling (BIM), which becomes a new approach in the process of building cycle: from project conception and design, analysis, and documentation related to the architecture and engineering management , it’s revolutionizing the way we conceive new projects and works and the analysis of the existing ones.

The surveyors, the building engineers  and professionals covering a wide range of functions throughout the cycle of the building,  must learn to work with this new technology, but it is now emerging, and sooner than we think, will be a prerequisite to work for certain customers, beginning with the administration.



Aware of what this technological revolution will change the way we work, we believe it is time to share the knowledge that exists about this new advanced technology and learn together in an open meeting different disciplines, institutions and professional groups that represent the state of the art of BIM in the construction industry. The event will have an international approach at what point is the use of this technology in all the neighboring countries and advance together in their application.

Thus was born the Barcelona 2015 European BIM  Summit, an international summit designed to show knowledge, and share it. The first edition will be held on 12 and 13 February 2015 in Barcelona and will consist on lectures, workshops, tours, services and companies in the field of BIM. It is aimed at specialists and public authorities, developers, architectural firms, engineering firms, consulting services, material suppliers, project & construction managers, Works’ managers’ and facility managers, among others.

We are going to present relevant experiences and  displayed the latest developments and deployments to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness in any Building project. European BIM Summit in Barcelona in 2015 will represent  for all participants the opportunity to reflect about the Construction Sector and its processes and advocate for necessary change.

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