WITS Institute joins to RESSÒ-Solar Decathlon Versailles 2014

We met the members of the Ressò team on the 1st session of the cycle called “Towards an efficient architecture” that we organized for Roca Barcelona Gallery, which was about Energy Self-sufficiency: the case study of the Solar Decathlon in Catalonia.

On the post-event dinner Daniel Calatayud talked with Ignasi Pérez Arnal (WITS Institute co-founder) to help the Ressó team  to find sponsors for the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe in Paris. And we did it.

That’s the state of the art:

Fifty students will participate in the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 on 15 June with the help of  our support.
To carry it out have begun a crowdfunding campaign  to reach the cost of transport to Versailles, where they held the competition.
We would all be very grateful if you have a look and collaborate.
For more information on the following link: www.vkm.is / femresso 
Thank you!

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